Original SimCity source code released as Micropolis

Micropolis is an open source sim game based on the original code from SimCity. It was donated to the One Laptop per Child project by Electronic Arts under the GNU General Public License agreement. Micropolis is developed by Don Hopkins and has been available as open source since January 10th 2008.

If you’re interested in working with the code and creating your own SimCity game, visit the Micropolis Wiki Page. All the details you need in order to get started are listed on this Wiki page.

If you’d like additional help getting started, check out this great series by Bil Simser.

Screenshot from Micropolis the open source SimCity

Don Hopkins is currently translating the source code to C++. This C++ version, known as Micropolis Core, is still a work in progress. The game itself is not yet playable, but you can scroll and zoom around the map. Visit the Micropolis project page on Google Code to see the latest news or to download the latest code for this version.

  • http://www.shower-screen.net Luke Turner

    simcity is my all time favorite game, my dad even played that game -*;

  • http://usedwheelchairlifts.org/ Evan

    Actually, I am interested to creating self game but I am still a beginner in the field of computers and I am not a programmer. I do not understand the language of the programmer. Can you guide me to creating a game?

  • http://www.customsignsexpress.com/ Terry O’Sullivan

    SimCity always release a very great versions and updates. I’ve been playing this since the very first SimCity release in my laptop. Now I can play their latest release in my cellphone. Looks interesting isn’t it?

    The company are very knowledgeable. Creating and designing the game like what is happening in the real world. Hope the translation by Don Hopkins become successful.

    Terry O’Sullivan
    Webmaster of CustomSignExpress.com

  • JO

    Wonderful. I like the original, better than the later versions with way too many things involved for my taste.